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Reason to get a transmission service

  • It removes the old and ineffective transmission fluid

  • It gets rid of any buildup that has occurred in the transmission system.

  • Avoids costly repairs transmission.

We aim to help and guide you through any confusing situation with the transmission of your auto may cause. We will help inform you about the importance and facts of maintaining your transmission. Don’t let it become a problem that can cause you hundreds of dollars $$. Read below and come on in if you have any questions or experience any of the problems stated below

Definition of a transmission service- let us start with understanding what a service is.

A transmission service can be best described as the removal and replacement of the transmission fluid. This process is done by using a drain plug. In simple terms, it is the replacement of transmission fluids in order to reduce strain on the components within the transmission system. A transmission service also extends the lifespan of the transmission.

The different types of transmission services.

Getting a transmission service should be incorporated into your routine maintenance. The following are the various types of transmission services we offer at our  Shop.

Automatic transmission fluid exchange

When we shift, we engage different gears. These gears then ensure different levels of power move from the engine to the wheels. Automatic transmission systems do the shifting for us. It picks the best gears to provide the optimum power to meet your driving requirements. This system makes use of a unique transmission fluid that cools and greases the gears. This fluid degrades after a while which reduces its lubricant properties. When you visit our Transmission Shop, we will change this fluid for you. By doing this, your transmission system will be protected from premature wear and tear.

We believe we offer the Best Transmission Service as we will remove the existing transmission fluid and replace it with one that is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Automatic transmission drain and fill.

Automatic transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating, cooling and cleaning the internal parts of the transmission system. This fluid also maintains the pressure required for the transmission system to function.

Our automatic transmission drain and fill package involves:

  • Removing and replacing the transmission drain plug

  • Removing the old automatic transmission fluid and replacing it with new automatic transmission fluid.

Manual transmission service:

In a manual transmission system, the transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating gears, bearings, shafts, and other internal parts of the system. Over time, factors such as heat, pressure, and friction can slowly break down the qualities of the manual transmission fluid.

This fluid can also be contaminated by small metal particles that may drop from the gears as they endure wear and tear. The transmission fluid can also be contaminated by water.

Visit US where we will:

  • Completely draining the old manual transmission fluid

  • Replacing the fluid with a recommended type of manual transmission fluid (we will ensure we use the manufacturer’s recommended type for your vehicle)

If you have your car regularly serviced, your transmission system will be well lubricated, suffer reduced levels of wear and tear from friction and endure reduced heat levels. This will lead to better performance and an extended lifespan. Regular manual transmission service will also lead to fewer transmission repairs and replacements.

Our highly certified mechanics can also provide a full transmission service. This package includes:

  • Removing and examining the pan

  • If need be, replacing or cleaning the pan

  • Cleaning or replacing the filter

  • Installing a new pan gasket

Below are the two basic packages we offer. For any other type of transmission repairs don’t hesitate to call or book an appointment. 





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