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Power Steering Repair and Service - Best price in IRVING AND CARROLLTON

  • Fast service

  • Great Affordable price

  • Quality Work

Power steering systems are generally only noticed when something has gone wrong.  This system is one of the simplest to maintain and is also the most noticed complaint from a customer with their vehicle. Don’t let it get to that, entrust your power steering to PRO QUICK LUBE .

The average power steering repair can be well over $500 when the power steering pump or steering rack and pinion require replacement. Many times the root of such failures stems simply from neglect to the power steering fluid in the car. The good news is that many power steering failures can be avoided with a routine power steering flush. Some of the key benefits of performing a power steering flush include

  • Longer power steering system service life.

  • Smoother and lighter steering

  • Reduced leaks and drips.

  • Removes damaging contaminants from the power steering system.

  • Major cost savings by avoiding expensive power steering repairs.


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