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Auto Air Conditioning Services - Don't put up with this Dallas Heat

  • Maintenance for your cars A/C

  • Repairs to the A/C system

Don’t put up with Texas heat, especially in Dallas. If your suffering because of your auto ac not working or having to wait so you don’t burn yourself. Come to PRO QUICK LUBE, we will get that fix right away and have your cruising in cool A/C. So read below to understand a little of what your vehicle’s ac does, and if you need to bring it in don’t hesitate.


All air conditioning systems lose a small percentage of their refrigerant over a period of time. This constant loss makes the system to become inefficient. Not only does refrigerant damage your vehicle’s evaporator and compressor, but it is also harmful to the environment.

In addition to heating and cooling the car, the ac system is used to defog windows when the car is moist or it is raining. At the first sign of trouble, bring your car to our Auto A/c Repair service. Our highly certified mechanics will use the latest equipment to diagnose the computerized components of the air conditioning unit. You can trust our diagnosis process as it also caters to the new a/c systems on hybrids and electric vehicles.

Components of an air conditioning unit


The compressor is a device that is driven by engine belts and is used to compress the refrigerant gas in a car’s air conditioning unit. This compressed air is then transferred to the condenser. This is the most important device in your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

This device is responsible for cooling functionalities of the a/c unit. The condenser gets rid of the heat that is released when the compressor compresses gases. It then condenses them into liquids under high pressure.

This a/c component is also known as the drier. It is a metal container that stores the refrigerant. It also absorbs moister from the refrigerant while filtering out harmful substances (debris) and chemicals (acids). Car owners are advised to have their drier changed every three to five years to ensure it stills functions as it should.

Orifice Tube:
This is also referred to as the expansion valve. It is a controlling mechanism that regulates how the refrigerant flows through the air conditioning unit. The orifice tube also converts liquid from the condenser which is under high pressure into low-pressure liquid.

This is the device that handles the removal of heat from your vehicle. The evaporator facilitates the absorption of heat by the refrigerant. It then boils and changes into a vapor which is moved from the evaporator through the compressor. This process, in turn, cools your car and reduces humidity. It is important to change this component regularly as it endures corrosion from acids.

Auto Air Conditioning repair – List of items we check.

If your car’s air conditioning unit needs maintenance or service, our highly skilled mechanics will look at:

  • The car’s air vents – this is where our mechanics check for any holes or openings in the vents

  • A temperature check – our mechanics will check whether your a/c system is producing both cold and hot temperature levels

  • Replacement of the air filter

  • Replacement and inspection of the receiver (Drier)

  • Reclaim and replace of operating gas if needed

  • Check to see if any components of the a/c unit are leaking

  • Inspection of air conditioning hoses

  • Cleaning and replacing damaged condenser fins

  • Deodorize and sanitizing system – this is done to get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus. It also gets rid of any musty smell coming from the a/c unit.

Visit our Auto Air conditioning Repair shop where our certified mechanics will be of great help. Book a full service or just get a recharge by getting more freon.

A/C SERVICE     $129.99

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